In this section, Jan will be occasionally posting papers, reviews and material related to the marketing of services in particular.
Networking skills to achieve results
This paper outlines
  • What is networking?
  • What networking is not.
  • What are the key ingredients of networking success?
If you would like assistance in improving your networking skills, arrange to have some individual coaching with Jan.
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Increase the value of existing clients
This paper outlines
  • Why is marketing to existing clients important?
  • Reasons often given for not marketing to existing clients
  • How to make the most of the potential of existing clients
If you would like assistance in getting more value from existing clients, contact Jan now.
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Image Management for professional services.
This is a paper presented at a conference in Auckland on "Developing, Marketing and Managing the Professional Services Firm" in June 2003. During this presentation, Jan examined why you should:
  • Develop an effective brand or image, which reflects the differentiation of your firm.
  • Identify the opportunities to communicate this brand, along with essential information about your firm, through visual, verbal and written material and by behaviour.
  • Develop an integrated and comprehensive strategy using all these elements and make sure any media campaign reflects this.
  • Achieve commitment to the consistent implementation of this strategy over a substantial period of time.
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The international competitiveness of New Zealand
Service Providers
by Vivenne Shaw & Vincent Hassan
Departmentt of Marketing, University of Otago
This report presents the findings of a study of the successful international marketing strategies of New Zealand service providers. A mail survey of 123 New Zealand services firms has identified a number of major differences which distinguish successful exporters from their less successful counterparts...
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